Training Services

     Safe and Sound offers many options for training you and your horse to overcome challenges and achieve success. Read on to discover which package is right for you!

Behavioral Modification Training

Safe and Sound offers effective, reliable solutions for a wide range of common behavioral issues, using the flexible and positive method of behavioral modification.  This approach is tailored to each horse as an individual, first pinpointing the cause of an unwanted behavior, then re-training the horse's responses accordingly. Each horse will be evaluated prior to training in order to estimate the length and type of program needed. Programs start at two weeks and continue in either two week or thirty day increments as needed.

Behaviors Addressed Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Pushiness
  • Poor Ground Manners
  • Difficulty Bitting or Bridling
  • Refusal to Stand: for farrier, bathing, clipping, mounting, etc
  • Not Cooperating For the Farrier/Vet
  • Catching Problems
  • Girthiness
  • Biting
  • Kicking
  • Spooking
  • Lunging Issues: turning in, running off, changing direction, dragging, pulling, acting out, charging etc
  • Spookiness
  • Problems Tying or Cross Tying
  • Trailer Loading/ Unloading
  • Resistance Under Saddle
  • Poor Attitude
  • Unpredictable Behavior
  • Aggressive Behavior     

Young Horse and Foal Training

Kelly particularly enjoys working with young horses in order to establish a solid, positive foundation for a joyful future. She is dedicated to preserving and enhancing each horse's unique personality, and instilling them with a brave and enthusiastic attitude towards work. 

Kelly has worked with both private owners and breeders in order to develop well mannered, sound minded horses who are equipped to go far in any direction. She realizes the importance of a good foundation in creating a horse who has the best chance of finding  a great forever home or succeeding in their intended career.

Young Horse Services Include:


Tying/ Cross Tying


Familiarity with Tack


Leading/Halter Breaking

Standing for Mounting

Hoof and Limb Handling



Traveling off Property

Separation Anxiety Relief




Kelly understands how crucial it is for horses and owners to both be involved in the training process in order to maintain success at home. That's why each training package includes one on one training sessions and lessons for you as well as your horse. 


The right knowledge is the key to success. Each Safe and Sound course graduate is sent home with a certificate of completion and an exhaustive written guide to working with and troubleshooting their horse's particular problems, along with step by step instructions. 

Lessons and Remote Assistance

Don't want to send your horse off for training? Is full training not in your budget? Are you looking to improve your horsemanship and explore new things to do with your horse?

Safe and Sound offers on and off-site lessons for you and your horse. From balanced riding, to horsemanship, groundwork, dressage, and troubleshooting, Kelly is here to help! Call today and let Safe and Sound's simple, successful solutions come to you!

Kelly also offers remote assistance via phone or email for very distant clients who are interested in getting help with their horse's problems. To reach out, email at